- the world or entirety

The circle symbolises entirety; the planet, society and Janapriya as one.


- a house or a shelter

The arrow signifies a place of shelter; symbolises our unwavering commitment to every household.


- the upward arrow of growth

The upward arrow signifies progress; the growth that we share with the society.

Grow With Us

We cannot close our eyes to the challenges the world faces. We are a part of the society we thrive on and contributing to its betterment is pivotal to our existence. We conceptualise our products with the core desire to deliver a solution for the unmet needs of the many.

Our distinct community-minded approach and operational expertise across our business models have delivered multifaceted growth to the people at large, in these 38 years.

Be it Housing, Education or Agriculture, our transparent practices and unwavering ‘Responsible Price Policy’, simply reiterates our commitment to make a positive social impact.


To make sustainable and quality living accessible to all.


Janapriya is committed to make a better life accessible to people at large by offering responsibly priced solutions through our operational expertise, that accelerate growth of all stakeholders while making a positive social and environmental impact.


Make a Better Life Accessible

Initiating solutions that are compatible with different segments, criteria and needs is the first part of the challenge. But ensuring that the solutions are accessible to the majority is the more important aspect of the task. We have succeeded in achieving the latter as assertively as we have the former.


Responsible Pricing

Our strength lies in our operational expertise to reduce costs through volumes; and we subsequently pass that benefit on to our customers with our Responsible and Accessible Prices. We believe in giving back to the society we thrive on; and our Responsible Price Policy is just one amongst many such endeavours.


Mutual Growth

We are mindful of the lives we touch. The policies and practices we adopt, take into consideration the different facets we would impact. We believe that the healthy growth of Janapriya is consequent to the mutual growth of all its employees, associates, vendors & customers.


Environmental Impact

Can we grow at the cost of environmental imbalance? We administer measures that help us reduce our carbon footprint at all levels; after all, what is the use of a house if we don’t have a decent planet to put it on?


Stories of Growth

Janapriya has been a part of many growth stories in its 4 decades of relationship with its stakeholders. Starting with our home buyers, business associates, vendors, contractors or even our employees, alike. Being the first construction company with transparent business practices and accessible pricing, we made buying a home possible. Our patrons now enjoy assets which have appreciated 50X. Adding to the growth story, these valuable assets are now serving as a collateral to help fulfill their future aspirations.

We have Homes across the City